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Emoto Events Series 2013

Honoring Our Waters ~

Letter of Gratitude


To Our Emoto Events Participants and Contributors:


                We extend our deepest gratitude to you for being a special part of the 2013 OC Emoto Event Series. These events were an AMAZING success and have forever inspired the Orange County community.


                We would like to highlight what transpired at the Honoring Our Waters ceremony with Dr. Masaru Emoto and Tongva Moompetam Manisar, Cindi Alvitre, on July 11th in Newport Beach. As had been prophesized, a mutual gesture of peace and goodwill was made by the elder grandmothers of the neighbouring Tongva and Acjachemen tribal nations.  We remain grateful to have witnessed such a beautiful ho’oponopono made in the spirit of healing and peace. As our brothers and sisters build solidarity, so do we. Thank you for being a part of the healing of our waters and our communities.  There are too many participants to name individually but we extend our deepest gratitude to all of you for sharing your time, energy, and loving intention to make this all happen.


                A special water healing ceremony also transpired at the decommissioned San Onofre nuclear power plant to promote sustainable energy and clean waters. Led by Dr. Emoto and Hopi ceremonial leader, Ruben Saufkie, we joined hands as a call to action was made to honour our Mother Earth, Mother Ocean.


                At the July 12th evening seminar, Dr. Masaru Emoto presented his research along with honorary guest speakers Dale Pond, Eugene Cook, Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, and Laura Ava-Tesimale who delivered the opening address with much love, wisdom, and “mana” from her Pacific Island lineage. Dr. Emoto showed his theories on how water receives, stores, and transmits vibrations of words and intentions. What an inspiration his 20 years of research is to Orange County! Now we truly know that our words and actions change the world and our bodies because we are approximately 70% water!


                The children’s event at the Huntington Beach library was also a HUGE success! The photos show how much fun the children had while being engaged in some awesome life lessons. The children learned the meaning of “hado” from some adorable singing puppets, the value of using loving words, and the importance of caring for water, our precious life-sustaining resource. They also did storytime yoga and blessed the Huntington Beach library pond with Dr. Emoto.  Please share these photos with your friends and family and keep an eye out for the videos we will be posting soon!


                Thank you again for having shared yourself in this journey of love, healing, transformation, and growth.  We hope that the Emoto Events have confirmed for you the power of our words and intentions.  May we each use our words to heal our waters, and hence, our world. We CAN leave this world a more peaceful and conscious place for our little ones. 


Love and Gratitude,


                  The OC Emoto Events Team                 


                  Lindsay Kemp                       Jeremy Pfeiffer


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