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Envisioned Classes and Workshops: Present and Forthcoming

The first sproutings of some of the classes mentioned below began in 2012 with the founding of this organization.  We hope to use this page as a way to "hold space" for other classes to follow.  If you feel "called" to lead/teach any of the classes/topics listed below, please let us know via our our Volunteer or Contact page.  Thank you for growing with us!!

Movement, Sound, & Breath

Pre- and Post- Natal Yoga ~ Mommy and Me Yoga ~ TaiQi ~ QiGong Cross-Cultural Dance/Music ~ Kundalini Yoga and Gong ~ Trance Dancing ~ Drumming Circles ~ Hula ~ Earth Dancing ~ Frame Drum

Conscious & Gentle Birthing

Conscious Conception ~ Shamanic Midwifery & Home-based Birthing ~ Lotus Births ~ Henna Belly Art ~ Birth Art ~ Cross-Cultural Birthing Traditions ~ Blessingways ~ Ancient Mother Songs, Chants, Lullabies

Intuitive & Eco-Parenting

Placenta Medicine, Art, & Ritual ~ Infant-Led Nursing ~ Co-Sleeping ~ Baby Wearing ~ Elimination Communication/Natural Infant Hygiene ~ Baby Massage ~ Home-Made Nutrient-Rich Baby Food ~ Baby Signing ~ Home Schooling & UnSchooling

Sacred & Cultural Arts

Lei-making ~ Basketweaving ~ Handmade Jewelry with intentional gems/crystals ~ Sacred Spaces & Altars ~ Dream Catchers ~ Tapa Art ~ Henna & Tribal Tattooing ~ Handcrafted Instruments/Drums

Homesteading & Urban Farming

Biodynamic/Urban Farming ~ Composting ~ Mycorestoration ~ Water Revitalization & Conservation ~ Creative Recycling ~ Backyard Chickens ~ Seed Saving ~ Sustainable/Off-Grid Living ~ Natural Energy Sources ~ Chemical-Free, EMF-sensitive Eco-Living

Cyclical~Seasonal Celebrations

Solstice/Equinox/Seasonal Celebrations ~ Full/New Moon Gatherings ~ Red Tent Evenings ~ Reclaiming Lunar-Based, Earth-Loving, Body-Empowering traditions & celebrations for Women & Men, Girls & Boys

Daily Nourishment

Guidance & Instruction for Preparing Daily Wholesome Meals with 
Organic, Wild-Harvested, and/or Homegrown Produce ~ Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, and/or Whole Foods Eating Plans ~ Juicing ~ Healthy Desserts ~ Alkalizing & Potent Waters ~ Back-to-Basics nourishment

Multimedia Learning

Radical, Revolutionary, Thought-Provoking, Liberating, Grassroots 
Documentaries, Books, Blogs, Websites, Webinars, Workshops that serve to inspire, educate, connect, transform, and mobilize locally and globally ~ engaging the body, heart, mind, and soul

Multidimensional Healing

Ongoing classes in Intuitive Clairvoyance ~ Channeling ~ Vibrational Medicine ~ Energetic Healing ~ Meditation ~ Therapeutic Touch ~ Inner Child Work ~ Shadow Work ~ Shamanic Journeying ~ Wholistic Lifestyles and Multidimensional Wellness

Herbs, Roots, and Flowers

Growing ~ Curing ~ Drying of Herbs, Roots, Flowers, Stalks, and Bark ~ Preparing plant-based ingredients for tinctures, salves, balms, oils, tonics, teas, soaps, lotions & potions ~ Edible, Food-Grade Essential Oils & Remedies ~ Homegrown Farmacy for Health and Vitality

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