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We at Mother Tree Sanctuary are committed to:



-Providing families, especially young parents and their children, with wholistic, matristic, and multidimensional education, resources, and tools for daily empowerment, clarity, nourishment, vitality, and joy;

-Activating the arts in community to foster diverse participation in creative expression, co-operation, and playfulness;

-Organizing to conserve natural resources, protect the ecosystem, and revitalize the environment through sustainable initiatives.


-Establishing our first self-sustaining eco-village sanctuary that supports on-site cooperative parenting and communal living for intergenerational families -- bound by biological and/or spiritual kinship --  who wish to birth and nurture their children in multidimensional and interconnected wholeness ... and MUCH LOVE;

-Providing essential living necessities, including clean food & water, a place to call home (environmentally-sound, single-family homes with communal gardens, play-spaces, and common areas), and accessible, onsite holistic health care.


Actualizing a global webwork of such multidimensional eco-villages.

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