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Stepping Stones For Young Families

This program will commence when we acquire more space and support .... Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow and branch outward!

Mother Tree Sanctuary aims to provide parents of all ages with the resources to succeed, grow, and thrive.  We especially welcome low-income parents and realize their need for the basics -- with education, employment, baby supplies, and childcare.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on how we can best meet the daily needs of our families.

Baby Basics Exchange


Baby Basics Exchange will be an online coordination service that Mother Tree will be able to offer to our members.  As a money-free exchange system, our mamas/papas will be able to swap their baby's outgrown clothes, cloth diapers, toys, car seats, books, and other such childhood necessities that are useful while they are age-appropriate, but become clutter when they no longer "fit." For this reason, it's wise to keep our resources circulating.

In line with Mother Tree Sanctuary's vision of co-creating a sanctuary ecovillage, the Baby Basics Exchange will enable us to begin sharing our resources even as we live in differing locations (within local driving distance).  The Exchange will provide a resourceful and economically-savvy way to reuse, recycle, reduce, renew, and replenish!

Child Care Co-op


Child Care Co-op will offer our Mother Tree famiies a reliable, trustworthy, and ongoing network for cooperative parenting.  While we may appreciate the saying "it takes a village to raise a child," we often do not live in an environment that is sensitive to the healthiness of our mutual interconnection and interdependence, especially as young mamas/papas with small children.

Mother Tree Sanctuary hopes to eventually create an onsite space where a childcare co-op can flourish.  Until then, the coop will begin taking place in public locations, such as local parks, libraries, beaches, museums and interactive learning environments.

Basic Education: GED/ESL Classes


The GED is a test that gives those who did not pass or complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credential. This credential is often times important for entry-level jobs. The Mother Tree Sanctuary family will work on an individual and group basis to help those interested in earning their GED degree.  


Mother Tree Sanctuary plans to have multlingual speakers on staff, such as individuals fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, etc., who would be able to teach English as a Second Language (ESL).

Employment Support


The process of applying for employment can be a daunting experience. Mother Tree will provide members with the resources needed to find a job that "fits." Support with writing resumes, preparing for interviews, and networking with socially- and environmentally- conscious businesses for potential employment will be provided.


Until Mother Tree Sanctuary is able to provide our families with an onsite ecovillage, where there is less reliance on a typical, externally-derived income stream ~ the ability to seek, procure, and keep a job to maintain financial freedom and self-sufficiency will be an important part of thriving as a community member.

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