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Planning our Sanctuary Space

Fostering connection, care, and co-creation

While we are seeking land around the Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach/Newport Beach area, we are working with an architect to create a combined community living and commercial storefront space based upon the straw-bale village design produced by OneCommunityGlobal.

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 10.29.41

Our Neighborhood Design

We envision an eco-housing cooperative built around a central community space where we share meals, host art performances, and maintain an

open game/craft/event space. 

Garden plots, a food forest, open play areas, and groves of trees circulate through diverse and green housing structures made of non-toxic materials and passive, clean energy sources: a sanctuary space of single-family homes, a dormitory-style apartment building, and condominium townhouses that are available to rent, own, or keep as a shareholder in a limited-liability housing co-operative.

At the entry to the community, we will have a series of "storefronts," the faces of our water store, farmstand, school, waterbirthing center, wholistic wellness clinic, and other non-profit outreach offices. More design plans coming soon!

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