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Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit

MUYA Enrichment

MUYA Enrichment is a California non-profit organization committed to nourishing the mind, body, and spirit by providing amazing school lunches and whole-child education to the families in our community.

Current MUYA families: please click the donation button here to pay your enrollment deposits and materials fees, or paypal Crystal at

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MUYA Kitchen

We provide families with meals that are:

Gluten and Dairy-Free

And zero-waste!

Online ordering system in development...

Please contact us at for more information on how we can serve your school



MUYA is the Atayal word from what is now northern Taiwan that means "to plant." At MUYA, we are planting the village of families that we envision at Mother Tree Sanctuary.


MUYA is designed to nourish families of all backgrounds physically, emotionally, and socially. By providing daily organic, plant-based meals and snacks, ensuring outdoor play in green spaces, and arranging for daily contact with playmates, we nurture the physical body. By working on projects and navigating day-to-day challenges together, we encounter and deal with a range of emotions, developing emotional maturity. And by creating a space where parents can stay with their children during the day to lead or assist in classes, or to simply share a meal with their children, we create a space for social cohesion.

Here are some guiding questions for how to spend our time together during the day:


  • How can we meet children where they are developmentally, using a Waldorf-based curriculum, teaching mentorship in mixed-grade classes?


  • How can we avoid overwhelming children with too many choices, and at the same time, win buy-in from homeschool children who are independently-minded and accustomed to choosing and tailoring material to suit their personal interests?


  • How can we help children on the journey of learning to accept guidance or go along with others’ wishes out of a sense of trust, friendship, and reciprocity (instead of compulsion)?


What does MUYA mean to you? What do you want to plant?


Summer Camps

We have upcoming July summer camps! Check back soon for dates and details



Contact us at for enrollment details. Tuition assistance and work-trade are available.

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