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Sister Organizations

m.a.m.a earth

mothers about making amends

m.a.m.a. earth is a community organization using the power of art, music and nature to make a change for the better, locally and globally.  The m.a.m.a. earth mission is to inspire others to give back in their own communities while raising awareness about issues that affect us all.  m.a.m.a. earth partners with schools, local and global non-profit organizations to present enrichment classes, hands-on workshops and fundraising events.

One Global Family Foundation

One World, One Mission, One Global Family

One Global Family Foundation is a 100% volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to helping feed hundreds of poor and homeless every week. The organization provides humanitarian aid globally to areas prone to natural disasters, as well as funding and support for educational, interfaith, and peace building projects.

Mago Circle

Magoism, The Way of S/he

The Mago Circle was created in an effort to promote connection among people of different genders, nationalities, economic statuses, and sexualities. The word "Mago" is a common noun meaning "the great goddess" and also refers to a specific goddess revered in East Asia for being the progenitor, nature-shaper, and ultimate sovereign. The Mago is intended for individuals to return to a Female Origin of civilization and unity.

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Maitu Foods

Come Eat

Maitu's philosophy is to teach children the culture of food, from seed to table. Youth are taught the power of self sustenance and nurturing through food and food education. Utilizing the tools of cooking and gardening, we encourage children's natural abilities to grow and learn in their environment by taking an active approach to their personal health.

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The Water Brewery

Aquae A.M.O.R.E. ~ Infused with Love

The Water Brewery is a family-based, ma 'n pa grassroots "micro-brewery" that provides high-potency drinking water, superfood supplements, and eco-living goods. Passionate to the core about water, the Water Brewery hopes to be a wellspring for pure, wholesome, nourishing waters -- an "urban well" that wrestles with the "toilet to tap" crisis with integrity and social responsibility. The Water Brewery family believes that access to healthful waters is a birthright, not a privilege.

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Grow Where You Are

Gebsite works with individuals and groups to create "local food abundance systems" and aims to serve the global family through natural food production and intentional development. 'Geb' is the spirit of the Earth in the Kemetic astrological system. 'Site' is a place or vision'. Earth Vision allows us to build in a way that has lasting regenerative effects on all of us.

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