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Current Projects

​Instead of just trying to survive--living compartmentalized lifestyles, working nonstop to make ends meet, accepting toxic yet aesthetically sterile living conditions, feeling helpless to restore environmental damage, trying to develop the projects we envision in pockets of time left over between the demands of working and parenting--we want interconnection, wholeness, and ultimately, PEACE:

Provide essential living necessities, including clean food and water, a place to call home, and accessible holistic health care;
Establish green, multifaceted single-family homes, with communal areas to garden, play, connect, rejuvenate & grow in body, mind, spirit and soul;
Activate the arts in community to foster diverse participation in

creative expression, cooperative learning, and playful interconnection;

     Conserve natural resources, protect the ecosystem, and revitalize the environment through sustainable initiatives;

Engender a thriving existence for all by supporting our multidimensional wholeness within the social solidarity and spiritual resilience of our comm-unity.

Through our "mother tree mindset" of working together in communication and cooperation, we are moving from individual surviving to collective thriving.  Scroll down to see how we are manifesting this together in Orange County right now.


Village-Building Potlucks

Interested in finding out more about our sanctuary village? Contact us to join one of our potluck meetings. Children are welcome!

Muya Enrichment Project

Meaning "to plant" in the native Atayal language of Taiwan, the Muya Enrichment Project advocates and endorses food security, economic stability, and educational choice. By organizing a 4-day educational co-operative subsidized by homeschool funds, family funds, and income/work-trade from our affiliate organic school lunch catering business, we are creating a haven for parents who want health freedom, nature- and arts-inspired education, and a family community network.


The Built Environment

See design plans and legal entities we are forming to create our eco-village sanctuary.

See programming we are developing to help new families thrive through ongoing parental support/education, resource-sharing, co-parenting, and playgroup cooperatives.

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