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Mother Trees:

Connecting, Nurturing, Co-Creating

In a forest ecosystem, Mother Trees are the largest, most ancient trees that are networked and connected with all the other trees, even when they are of different species. Counter to the outdated "survival of the fittest" theory, Mother Trees do not compete for resource. Instead, their presence ensures the healthy survival and diversity of younger, newer trees, as they actively transfer vital nutrients and forest wisdom via an overalapping, interconnected, fungi-rich web of shared roots. If Mother Trees are to die, they will consciously transfer their resources to the interlinked community of living trees before fully collapsing, knowingly "passing the wand" to the next generation.


In this light, we dedicate our work to the quiet wisdom and caring resilience of these enduring Mother Trees. It is from them that we take our inspiration: to be a sheltering Mother Tree -- a sacred enclosure for mamas, papas, and their babies -- to birth, rebirth, and flourish in gentleness, love, interconnection, and multidimensional wholeness. Blessed Be.


*We offer our deep gratitude to Dr. Suzanne Simard for her invaluable research of Mother Trees.

More on the model for our social structure at The Mother Tree Project

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